Fashion Barbados Straight Up! Gadal Model Management: The Heist

These are the photos I’ve been waiting for(certainly you have too) and when I received them I was pleasantly surprised.

I need to give kudos to the Art Director/ Stylist Katrina Brathwaite…for an exceptional concept, Helene Headley (a former fashionmate) for her fantabulous makeup and Jaryd Niles-Morris whose work for me puts him at the  forefront of fashion photography in the sunny isle of Barbados right now. He is most definitely *FIREWORKS*

Note to self:  must get Jaryd to do some work for Fashion Straight Up! (yes, im shameless :D)

All the up and coming models who took part in the shoot…they brought something with them…my only miniscule qualms are with a blank/dead facial expression here and there and listless body movement but the talent is definitely there! Gadal truly has the BEST models in Bimshire. 

A great concept and great photos…

Gadal Models which stood out for me…Doddy Dodson and Kn Hope. I’ll be looking to do a profile on some of the talent in Gadal soon….”ya hear me, management team!” in my A Fashion Model Straight Up! interviews.

I look forward to more excellent work Graham and Katrina. Roughen those edges out and continue making the supermodels of Barbados.

Take a gander at fashion in Barbados Straight Up!


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