Gadal Model Management Photoshoot and my crappy Blackberry photos

I had an absolutely amazing fun and interesting time at a photoshoot today based on a concept by one of Gadal Model Management Directors:- Katrina Brathwaite. The theme was a Bank Robbery…ooooooooohhh*scared* not! Lol. I arrived late but I arrived and I’m glad I did.
It was a beautiful concept. It involved robbers, money, security guards and bank managers. A grand total of 7 models were used to put the concept together (Profiles on some of these models soon to follow).

Now onto the topic of horrible blackberry photos…the 8520 camera sucks! I didn’t get to borrow my bf’s selfish camera and the pictures I’m about to attach don’t do the shoot any justice. When I get the real shoot shots I will post the beautiful fashion story concept.

Take a gander below and don’t judge the shoot by the BB8520 because the camera is ICK!!!

No Worries Tho…next time we’ll be giving you nothing but  the straight up! high quality photos. 

Make-up Artist: Helene Headley
Styling and Art Director: Katrina Brathwaite
Photography: Jaryd Niles-Morris


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